Browns Race
A street in the High Falls Historic District follows the old water raceway which powered industry in the neighborhood of Rochester since 1815. A 250’ long re-creation of the race was installed in the 1990’s, but has since been abandoned.

Working with a local non profit organization, Greentopia, LDGN has developed a design for the race that references the historic nature of the site, it’s location next to the Genesee River and the High Falls. Sustainable design elements are incorporated in the design to showcase green building technology, including a rain garden, rain water harvesting, low wattage lighting and use of native plantings. The new water course has a variety of surfaces to create different effects on the water as it flows down the race, and will engage the user more effectively.

The Race is the first phase of a visionary capital project that will transform the Middle Gorge of the Genesee into a world-class showcase of sustainable an environmentally sensitive development in harmony with the natural beauty of the Gorge and High Falls.
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