695 Main Street
The new owners of 695 Main Street were looking to rebrand the abandoned corporate headquarters into a market rate, Class A office complex. A new street level drop off with signage was a key component in this redevelopment.

An elliptical drop off brings cars to a new canopied, building entry. The center of the ellipse is a sloping plane rising towards the entry. The slope blocks the unsightly views as users exit the building. On the sides of the slope is a rock faced waterfall.

Concentric walls surround the ellipse, define parking areas and walkways, and hold back the adjacent slope. Flowering trees reinforce the ellipse and bring color to the space.

Large poles with vertical wind turbines provide kinetic energy to the entrance and a large sign, identifies the building’s address to many vehicles passing by.
347 W 36th St, Ste 1201
New York, NY 10018
212 228-9500