Merritt 7
The new owners of Merritt 7 underwent a capitol improvement program to maintain the site’s status as Fairfield County’s most significant Class A office park. The original landscape on this 30 year plus , 20 acre site was lacking routine maintenance and coordinated site improvements.

LDGN's redevelopment of the almost 1/2 mile of street frontage brought identity, branding and wayfinding fitting for a corporate park this size. Overgrown vegetation was pruned or removed opening views into the site. New site appropriate signage identifying the four entries and allowing drivers adequate information to choose an entry.

A master plan was developed for the interior of the site with special emphasis on providing new outdoor sitting areas, clear wayfinding and enhanced building entries.

Working closely with the owner, LDGN was able to meet the Owner’s budget and construction timeline for the first Phase of the project. With the recent site and interior improvements, the site was awarded The Office Building of the Year by the Southern Connecticut BOMA Chapter.
347 W 36th St, Ste 1201
New York, NY 10018
212 228-9500